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Kent Lingeveldt

“If you want to be exceptional you have to stop looking at the rest of the world and start believing in yourself. You need to persevere, follow your passion, learn, and stop copying others,” says longboard shaper Kent Lingeveldt, a skateboarding enthusiast and photographer from Cape Town.

Watch as he brings his craft to life inside the James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington, South Africa in the next instalment of a new visual collaboration series by Three Ships Whisky.


Growing up in Mitchell’s Plain, Kent has become synonymous with street culture and the art of longboarding. Now the owner of Alpha Longboards, Kent started competing competitively in 1999 and has been recognised as one of the Top 10 skaters in the world.

His creative spirit and dedication to his craft fit in perfectly with the new Three Ships Whisky collaboration series that features inspirational, tenacious South Africans.

“I simply love South Africa. I’m passionate about the people here and our history. I am shaped by the legends before me who made this country a special place to live in. Since that very first day I clumsily started skating, there was nothing more that I wanted to do with my life than skate, and making boards became an extension of that. My labour of love has given me the opportunity to take part in shaping the international skating scene, share stories of heroes and places through the custom-made street art designs on our boards and nurturing the patience required in crafting something spectacular,” says Kent.

His passion for both skateboarding and crafting unique longboards is the perfect fit for the expertise and passion that has shaped each and every Three Ships Whisky.

“True craftsmanship is a timeous process. You simply can’t rush it. During my time spent at the distillery, Master Distiller Andy Watts and I both found a similarity in our chosen fields that are marked by precision, patience, skills, and a complete passion for what we do.”

This talented designer believes his success is based on trust; the trust he has in his own abilities and the trust in the abilities of his crew. The same holds true for Three Ships Whisky and the James Sedgwick Distillery heroes.

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