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Lwazi Asanda Gwala

Three Ships Whisky welcomes DJ Lag to The Home of the Exceptional. In this dynamic visual collaboration, DJ Lag explores the unique sounds of the distillery, the processes that created something truly incredible, and the country that inspired it all. Through ingenuity, confidence and the pursuit of expression, DJ Lag created Gqom Select – the first and only track to be produced in perfect harmony with the whisky-making process.

“I’m just doing my passion. If you’re following your passion, you don’t feel much pressure.”
– DJ Lag

An exceptional vision

Born Lwazi Asanda Gwala in the Clermont area, DJ Lag set his sights on a career in music from an early age. Driven by undeniable talent, DJ Lag began experimenting with the sounds and styles of music he experienced through his upbringing. It became his mission to ensure that Gqom, the music of his home, could be heard and appreciated by audiences as far reaching as Europe and the USA.

“It’s a mix of elements from hip-hop and house. We knew that people like to dance a lot, so we made something that is vibey. We also wanted to create our own sound.” In collaboration with Three Ships Whisky, DJ Lag pushed himself and Gqom even further. Gqom Select is the first track of its kind, and much like the first South African Whisky, it has proved to be exceptional in every way.

“To be quite honest, at first I was pretty nervous – as it was the first time I have had to produce a track from sounds ordinarily found ina specific location. The process required me to harvest different sounds at the James Sedgwick Distillery, such as the barrels rolling, which ultimately featured quite prominently on the track, as well as the steam bellowing from the column stills.”

Though the process had its challenges, DJ Lag persevered to show the world once again that when South Africans set their minds and hearts on something, there’s nothing they can’t do.

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