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Poet Puno Selesho

Puno Selesho is a thought-leading poet whose unapologetic and encouraging words have become part of the visual collaboration series by Three Ships Whisky featuring exceptional South Africans.

Watch and listen as the tenacious Puno recites her poem, ‘Words that Grow’. Her powerful voice echos through the James Sedgwick Distillery, filling it with messages of relentless optimism and immense courage — messages that she shares with Three Ships Whisky.


A talented weaver of beautiful conversations, Puno takes hold of the barrel maturation cellar — she inspires, brings hope and equips fellow South Africans to be better.

“I invite you to understand my words and me. I’ve been told that I should have been born bitter and angry. In some spaces I am too woman, too black. The words I utter, too woman, too black. But I say, no. My words are burst from the soil in my own chest. People keep digging graves with every phrase but I’m planting flowers instead.”

“Selesho and her exploration of her talents also mirror the Three Ships Whisky journey. As a brand, the odds were stacked against us, too. The ground was deemed too hard to make whisky and the climate too harsh to preserve it. Despite this, we create one of SA’s finest whiskies, demonstrating that there is a path to success for every challenge, you just need the vision and talent to realise it.”

Puno’s poetry personifies all the elements of being an extraordinary South African. The poem she recites is personal and powerful and speaks of tenacity and relentless optimism. The same tenacity and optimism that is needed to make Three Ships Whisky the award winning whisky it has become.

“This tongue is sharp and I will shape my own exceptional reality using only the finest materials like hope and humanity. What will your words be? Choose wisely and let’s use words that grow while here, in South Africa.”

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