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Small in stature and fierce at heart, tenacious spinner Stacey-Lee May is the epitome of a South African success story. The power in every movement of her car, charged by her belief in herself and the support of her community, has driven her to be and achieve the exceptional.

“Spinning has given me a voice and has given me the courage to speak up for myself. I’m still a quiet person, but when I get into my car, it’s like you don’t want to mess with me.” – Stacey-Lee May


Matriculating at 16 wasn’t an easy feat for Stacey-Lee. She endured a great deal of bullying by her peers, but instead of letting it get her down, she found a way to rise above their words. Her father introduced her to motorsports, spinning in particular, and soon enough, her whole world had changed. Being behind the wheel gave Stacey-Lee confidence and power. She learned to control something that, from the outside, seemed uncontrollable.

Stacey-Lee earned the title ‘Queen of Smoke’ after winning a local spinning competition, Kings and Queens of Smoke, for four consecutive years. Through this competition, her skill garnered the attention of one of South Africa’s most famous expats, Charlize Theron, and landed Stacey-Lee a spot on the Netflix series Hyperdrive. Since then, Stacey-Lee and her unapologetically pink car have amazed audiences at rallies on her home soil and around the world.

As Three Ships Whisky went on to challenge the status quo on where great whisky could be made, Stacey-Lee created a new precedent for female motorsports stars. She has overcome every obstacle in her path with equal parts of power and grace.

“For me, it’s important to show everyone that there is something for each and every one of us – even if it might not be what you’re expecting, or what anyone else expected from you.” – Stacey-Lee May

Team Stacey May and Three Ships Whisky support responsible driving #DontDrinkAndSpin #Aware_ZA

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